2013-2014 Letters to Luna


Fall 2014

“Blessings to all who create, produce, and live with the Lunar Calendar Dedicated to the Goddess in Her Many Guises!”

- K.S., Hamden , Connecticut


“Thank the Goddess that your Press still exists, and you create these spectacular calendars every year.  They are an important part of my spiritual practice – as well as bringing much pleasure in the artwork, poetry and design.  I am so grateful for your splendid work and inspiration. May you long continue this important mission.  It makes a difference in the world and in many lives.”

- H.S., Naples , Florida


“The rhythm of our family and farm runs on Lunar time and with deep gratitude we humbly thank everyone at The Luna Press for helping to fine tune the harmonics of our lives through the grace of your devoted lunar diligence across these many lunations…”

- I.L-N., Columbia , Tennessee


“I consider the annual calendar a spiritual education, the joy of which has grown. Joan’s cover is exquisite as is the Zen source.”

- D.S., Goshen , Connecticut


“I’m new to your lunacy!  Love it!”

- D.D., Jamaica Plain , Massachusetts


“Much love to the stalwart little moon boat and all who sail therein.  My grand-daughter is named Sarada – Sanskrit for ‘the goddess of the harvest moon.’ So many beautiful moons in our lives.  Be Blessed.”

- M.M., Portugal Cove – St. Philips , Newfoundland , Canada


“With grateful heart I happily order my calendars – an important grounding for each new day.”

- M.K., North Branch, Michigan


“Thanks for this wonderful yearly and daily experience!”

- M.F., Burlington , Vermont


“My niece and I have loved this calendar for more than 25 years.  Thanks so much.”

- B.M., Auburn , Washington


“Thank you once again for all your hard work and another year of your wonderful publication.  The Lunar calendar is a constant source of inspiration and joy.”

- J.G., Poughkeepsie , New York


“Sending gratitude and appreciation for the beauty and mindfulness you co-create with all of us who look up! I couldn’t live without your precious calendar!.. Luminous Blessings…”

- C.E., Shoreline, Washington


“We need our ‘little boat’ more than ever these days. It’s a place of solitude amid the storms…”

- P.C., Mount Bethel , Pennsylvania


“Thanks for continuing to produce such a vital part of daily life.”

- A.D., Seattle , Washington


“Enjoy my Lunar Calendar.  Keeps me in touch – my life, my gardening, even checking out the morning and evening stars!”

- V.W., Dresden , Maine


“Accepting your blessings day after day – gratitude of many years of receiving your daily offering.  Blessed Be in harmony.”

- M.K., North Branch, Michigan


“Thank you for another year of the calendar.  Without it, I am lost in space.”

- F.S., Durango , Colorado


“I have been getting your wonderful calendar for nearly 30 years.  I love the poetry and art work, and the calendar helps me keep track of important things I need to know…I have displayed your cool postal cards in a place where I can admire them every day.”

- M.M., Normal , Illinois


“I placed an order and made a donation on behalf of my life partner, Alison.  She is super-busy this year and raising our now 14-month old (and the two older children).  Your calendar and world-timing has been a fixture in my life for more than two decades, and I honor Alison’s wish to see you sustained.”

- M.H., Portland , Oregon


“A Year without The Lunar Calendar is like a year adrift on the open sea.

This calendar is beautiful, accurate and informative.  Best of all it keeps you connected to the ancient tradition of following the moon.  Love it!

- C.F., Boston , Massachusetts


“I love it and hope to never have to be without it.  Sail on through the night sky!”

- M.M., Plainfield , Vermont


“Have been scattering Lunar Calendars like rose buds; friends love it.”

- D.R., Cambridge , Massachusetts


“You make my year complete.  Mahalo.”

- T.T., Kamuela , Hawaii




“I am awestruck (or moonstruck) that the calendar just gets better and better.

Truly amazing, I can’t thank you enough, but hope this helps to keep the moon

 boat afloat.”


- S.T., Newton, Iowa


“It is always a great pleasure to write this particular check!”


- H.P.N., Los Angeles, California


“It has been a couple of years since I have been able to contribute and am so glad to be able to remedy this now.  Thank you again for this wonderful work that gives so many of us that irresistible combination of information, inspiration and



- S.B.W., London, Ontario, Canada


“Dear Luna Crew, “…every year I wait with bated breath and anticipation for the announcement of the next Lunar Calendar.  Thank you for wise, heart-warming lunacy. My gratitude to you all is boundless.”


- F.S., Durango, Colorado


“These beautiful calendars brighten my days and nights!”


- N.W., Cullowhee, North Carolina


“I have been a stargazer since the age of 8 or 9, but have never felt such a special connection to the moon.


The number and quality of responses to your work gives me hope for humanity!


-T. K., South Portland, Maine



“Long live the magical light-bringers!”


- C.J., Rhinebeck, New York


“I wanted to take a moment to send you all a note of truest gratitude.  I am currently a Peace Corps volunteer in The Gambia, West Africa.  Before this I was working on a garden in Big Sur, California.  My best friend and I each followed your calendar to garden, to chat, and to have full and new moon meetings where we would set our intentions.  Now, we still do.  All the way across the world and we still write to each other based on your calendar.”


- M.A., The Republic of The Gambia, West Africa


“Thank you for continuing to create and produce the most beautiful calendar on the planet.”


- S.S., Whitmore Lake, Michigan


“May the year be full of soft moon light and lovely discoveries!”


- B.D., Boulder, Colorado


“I have been getting your calendar every year – maybe from the beginning – and I keep them all.  The covers live in various places around my house.  Finally, I am remembering to thank you with a donation and much appreciation for keeping alive the lunar connection!”


- S.S., New Paltz, New York


“The calendar is magnificent!  How luminous can we be?!?”


- D.A., Beaver, Oregon


“I think of you when I see the moon!”


- C.S., Stoughton, Massachusetts


“It is amazing that you can pull all of this together with the data and poetry and art each and every year for us Lunatics!  I appreciated the gentle packing done with such care.  Thank you so much for all you do!”


- M.M.G., Peaks Island, Maine


“I love The Lunar Calendar.  I am constantly looking up and seeing you!”


- J.T., Grand Rapids, Michigan


“The calendar is awesome!!!  A stunner.  Love you!”


- J.P.H., Westborough, Massachusetts


“My daughter and I now have 16 years of grateful thanks for illuminating each new day for us.  Blessings of continued joy and creativity in your work.”


-M.K., North Branch, Michigan


“We have had your wonderful calendar hanging in our kitchen every year since the beginning – we consider it an essential part of the household.”


-J.K. Brooklyn, New York


“Every year your calendars are more wonderful, and your devotion to our Moon Mother more admirable.  Many many thanks.”


-H.P.N., Los Angeles, California


“The calendar is so deeply evocative that we want to order several more as gifts.

It takes me back some fifty years when I was trying to understand The White Goddess.  Anyway that was then and here we are, as always, in the present.”


- J.B., Sherman Oaks, California


Namaste!  Thank you for all the spirituality you endow year after year!”


- M.Q., Ashburnham, Massachusetts


“You make my year complete!”


- T.T., Kamuela, Hawa