In a Chariot Drawn by Lions

Asphodel P. Long

"...understand that, contrary to all we have been led to believe, female divinity has been continuously present.  In kinship with Wisdom there is immortality, and in friendship with her pure delight." 

-from the book


In a Chariot Drawn by Lions seeks out the hidden and overlooked Female Divine, demonstrating how the female aspect of God has been suppressed and distorted through the ages.

Asphodel Long has spent over 20 years researching the female aspect of God.  She shows how the wisdom of ancient goddesses has meaning for our lives today.  This is a book particularly relevant to understanding the earth's ecology: the importance of feminist input is clearly stated.  Long explores relationships between women and men and women and the world as they relate to divine female wisdom.

"Rich are the resources here of myth, religion, and history, as Asphodel Long's fine and meticulously documented study show."


"Wonderfully lucid and well researched...deserves a place on the bookshelves of everyone who venerates the Goddess."


"All lovers of the Great Goddess should enjoy and learn from this book."


Asphodel's poetry has appeared in THE LUNAR CALENDAR for many moons.  Under hear earlier name of Pauline Long, she is featured in FULL CIRCLE, the third of Donna Reed's films on Women and Spirituality; she has been called a grandmother of the Goddess Movement in Great Britain. 


collected poems written between 1948-1999, by Asphodel P. Long

This beautiful volume is a tribute to the human hand: hand-set, hand-printed hand-stitched, pasted and bound, gold-embossed and covered with handloom sari cloth in India.

"She has the facility to use incredibly simple language to say the most profoundly sacred things, and in the so-doing she asks us to re-examine our relationship with the ordinary and to re-sacralise it."

-Wren Sidhe, Wood and Water

"Please do let us know when Luna has the poetry. Her words are music."

-Marsha Alley

How to order:

In the UK:

Penny Barham

36 Cuthbert Road

Brighton BN2 0EN

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