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"Goddess Rising"

by Jamie Hogan




Calendar description:

   This easily read, yet informative and scholarly calendar is perfect for both the beginner and the seasoned moon-lover. The '18 edition features fresh work from 23 artists, poets, and writers, full astronomical and astrological data, the lunar year-at-a-glance, complete instructions, and an excellent bibliography.

    THE LUNAR CALENDAR teaches the tree-alphabet as inspired by THE WHITE GODDESS by Robert Graves. Each of the 13 lunations (lunar months) is depicted in a unique spiral format, showing all the moon's phases, rise and set times, apogee and perigee, the transits of the zodiac, void-of-course times, earth festivals, and visibility of the morning and evening stars.


32 pages with fresh works from 23 artists and writers, magazine-size opens to wall hanging 11x17"

Unique elliptical format

Accurate astronomical and astrological data

The Original

Printed and published in the USA, using soy-based inks and top quality recycled paper.

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This is our 41st Anniversary Edition!

Nancy FW Passmore, editor

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PO Box 15511 Kenmore Station Boston, MA 02215-0009 USA   
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