Jamie Hogan




"Lavender Luna"

Jamie Hogan



"Seven Moon Sonata"

 Jamie Hogan



"Moon & Water: Old Friends"

Joan S. Anderson



"Moon and Mountain"

Joan S Anderson

"Living in the land of western mountains, I often draw and paint their portraits. This painting is from a series of imaginary flat-topped mountains, in the colors of The Triple Goddess: black night sky, moon-washed white peak, fiery foothills."



"Apple Trees at Moonrise"

John C Menihan



"Left Hand Crescent, Red Moon Waning "

Joan S. Anderson

I love the mnemonic of the silhouette of cupped hands to identify waxing and waning moon: right hand waxing, left hand waning--"mnemomonic" after Mnemosyne, Greek Gooddes of Memory and mother of Muses.



"Tiger Moon"

Agusta Agustsson



"Prithvi, protectress"

Jamie Hogan



"Owl Moon"

Agusta Agustsson



"Forest Moon"

Agusta Agustsson


"Celtic Twilight"

Joan S. Anderson



"Luna Pearl"

Jamie Hogan




"Ceremonial Coat: Full Moon Rising
Joan S Anderson




 "Cosmic Sanctuary"

 Jamie Hogan





"Young Crescent With Earthlight" 

Joan S. Anderson




Back cover:  "Earthlight on Decrescent Moon"





"Sacred Vessel"  

Jamie Hogan



"Divine Lady of the Deep"

Jamie Hogan



"Lady of the Beasts" 

 Jamie Hogan



Agusta Agustsson


  "Full Moon" 

Joan S. Anderson 



"Les Ailes de la Désee-The Wings of the Goddess"

Deborah A. Bowman

Title calligraphy by Joan Anderson




Jamie Hogan 




Agusta Agustsson



 Jamie Hogan



Lakshmi/Laxmi:  The Goddess of Good Fortune and Prosperity,

"When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!"

Jean Vallon



"New World Mysteries"    

Rosana Workman




Agusta Agustsson

Older cover art '79 - '89


All cover art copyright by the artists



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