Letters to Luna

Letters To Luna

Dear Friends of Luna:

I hope you will enjoy these wonderful letters.

Thank you.

Time flies.

Look up!

Nancy FW Passmore, Editor

Spring 2010 to 2011 


“Grateful does not begin to express my sincere and genuine appreciation for the incredible gift you have created with The Lunar Calendar.


It is beautiful.


It is amazing that it gets better and better - as it doesn’t seem like that could even be possible.”


-K.A., Red Bluff, California




“Thank you for my calendars which have messed with my Gregorian mind for these many years.


You and your work are a blessing in this celestial world.  Thank you for your work and your laughter and for reminding us to look up in all its meanings.”


-L.T., Wolfeboro, New Hampshire




“I received an unexpected gift with this instruction: ‘This is to be used to bring you joy.’

I pass along a little in the same spirit.  Love and many thanks for all the joy you bring me and others.”


-C.S., Escondido, California



“I always enjoy the beautiful artwork and poetry.  I want to compliment you and your staff for the effort that goes into The Lunar Calendar each year.”


-D.C., Lawrence, Massachusetts



“You are wonderful.  I remember to look up because of you.”


-R.S., Schenectady, New York



“I have been longing for your calendar for a long time, years!  Now I’ve gotten to tune in to two eclipses, and plenty of guidance on void-of-course days and signs.  Thank you again and again for all that you do.


-N.R., Moffat, Colorado



“Your calendar has been such a joy and inspiration to me these last few years.  Thank you.”


F.M., Crowley, Colorado



“Once more, your Lunar Calendar is a beautiful work of art.  You have extraordinarily devoted and gifted people working with you toward Luna’s cause.  Take gentle care.  Be safe and well.”


S.C., Long Beach Township, New Jersey



“I do hope you have a dryer and more prosperous year and thank you for finding the funds and energy for getting through the flood and publishing again.  I could not be without my calendar!  I know you have many wonderful supporters to help and so the Divine Goddess rises again in the form of the silvery moon to guide us girls through.

Blessings and healing thoughts.  Saludos desde Ipswich y Las Alpujarras!”


-G.G., Sierra Nevada, Spain



“The calendars are always exquisitely beautiful and very informative.  I appreciate them more than ever this year because of the challenges and devastating loss from the flooding of your office. All of us cherish each new year’s calendar.  It wouldn’t be a year without it!  Keep your precious little moon boat afloat.”


C.P., West Hartford, Connecticut



“Thank you – always!”


J.J., San Francisco, California



“ Wow! What an awesome come back from your flood, truly an exceptional work.

  Thank you.”


S.T.,  Mallorca, Spain



“There is a depth of appreciation that I owe to you.  She guides always.  Much love.


A.L.M., Sausalito, California



“Please accept this donation, and send me a calendar, since living without it is not an option.”


-D.D., Kensington, Maryland



“Wishing you much joy, excellent health, and tremendous prosperity – always!


-S.S., Farmington, Maine



“Thank you for all you do to promote lunar literacy!”


-L.L., Kennebunkport, Maine



“I am just feet from the beach now, finally feeling Her with the Tides as well as seeing her light.  Blessings!”


-P.D., Santa Cruz, California



“The arrival of my annual Lunar Calendar is an empowering gift I give to my spirit.  It’s been a tradition now for 25 years or more.  In gratitude from the glaciated prairies.”


-Q.F., Brookings, South Dakota



“Your calendar is wonderful.  I love the visual layout.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

Thank you for your vision.”


-P.W.S., Shoreline, Washington



“I use my calendar EVERY day!”


-W.R., Watertown, Massachusetts



“I am so grateful for the Lunar Calendar.  It is my connection to the world beyond the small conservative town where I live.  Without that connection it’s easy to let my own tiny existence close in on me.”


-C.H., Moorecroft, Wyoming



“What a beautiful cover!  As always I look forward to the beauty of the year to come and the wisdom shared in the Lunar Calendar.”


- T.A., Manassas, Virginia



“I hope your kitchen table has resumed its normal function!”


-J.G., Brooklyn, New York



“I know that you live and breath the life of the Lunar Calendar and I thank you for that.  She is veiled and All Knowing – Luminous then Hiding and Available to us that listen,  taste, touch, hear and smell – So Above, So Below.  Love.”


-D.B.W., Crownsville, Maryland



“The Lunar Calendar is something I treasure each year and take delight in…”


-F.C., Lewisburg, Pennsylvania



“I have ordered these wonderful and inspiring tools for my spiritual work for many years and am so grateful that you are still able to publish.  Retired and at age 72, I do not have the expendable income that would allow me to provide much financial help to you.  But I am adding a donation as a token of my gratitude for the dedication and faith that keeps you all committed to the work of the Goddess and Luna Press.  Deepest gratitude to you.”


-H.J.S., Naples, Florida



“I gave my own calendar away, please send another one!  Everyone loves them.”


-D.B., Chicago, Illinois





“Thank you so much for this calendar.  It makes connections that others cannot.”


-S.A., Framingham, Massachusetts



“Here is a gift to help you with expenses for your precious Lunar Calendar.  I hope that along with the help of others friends of Luna that you will eventually have a fully equipped office again.  We all love you and want the best for you so you can keep your “little moon boat afloat.”


-C.P., West Hartford, Connecticut



“I have been a very happy customer since 1987!  Blessed Be!”


-C.L.R., Maiden, North Carolina



“Here is a gift, I wish it could be more. 

Thank you for bringing the magic of Luna to us!”


-F.C., Lewisburg, Pennsylvania



“Your calendar is great, and talking about it has inspired many a discussion of full moons and their names.  Blessed be!”


-P.M., Bloomington, Illinois



“So horrified to hear about the flood.  Gift enclosed.  Hope you’ve recovered well. 

May next year hold no disasters!”


-A.T., Seattle, Washington



“I have been buying your calendar since 1987 and now my grown daughter is a devotee.

Thank you for your vision and endurance.”


-C.H., Montreal, Canada



“Thank you so much for your longevity!”


-J.W., Lincoln Park, Michigan



“Thank you for all you do; striving through adversity after catastrophe to bring us all this little gift that has so much power.  I use it to help me stay attuned with myself as well as with the Moon.  Keep looking up!”


-N.R., Great Barrington, Massachusetts



“Please accept this check as a contribution.  I am so happy that this calendar continues.”


-L.T., South Portland, Maine



“Dear ‘Luna Family’-  thank you for keeping our eyes on the Goddess.”


-R.M., Machesney Park, Illinois



“Bright Blessings, blessed be and thanks for being here/there in Her light.”


-L.B.R., Bishop, California



“I love the calendar and always plant by the moon now and my garden flourishes.”


-E.R., Eugene, Oregon




“I thank you for, with your calendar, making my time shine, dark or light, and daily keeping me in the flow of what really matters.


My first Lunar Calendar, a couple of decades ago, came from my now very-ex-husband.

My ‘wedding’ to Luna Press has outlasted that original marriage, and has brought me much more joy!  Blessings be.”


-M.N., Bridgeport, Connecticut



“We have been thinking of you all at Luna Press and asking Goddess to help you thrive in Her Light.  We hope you are recovering from the devastation of the flood.  Blessed be.”


-J.H. & C.K., Albuquerque, New Mexico



“I used to get the calendar every year way back in the 80’s but fell away in the hubbub of motherhood.  I am so happy to have it in my life again!  Thank you for the beauty.”


-K.M., Flagstaff, Arizona



“I love my calendar and I am glad to support Luna Press.  I hope more people find these incredible calendars, representing the forces of the greater unconscious.


We need the goddess as much as possible, especially at this difficult and fragile moment In our development.  I often think I am living in the dark ages.


Thank you for all you do to keep us thinking and remembering.”


-K.F., Kimberton, Pennsylvania



“Stay just as you are…moving forward.  Blessed be.”


- C.C.R., Lacey, Washington



“Are you still working in your kitchen?  ‘Kitchen Table Wisdom’ I’ve heard.

Be well; hope your ground becomes more solid.  Art prevails!”


-S.T., Newton, Iowa



“I know it has been more than ten years since I began using The Lunar Calendar, and I truly appreciate the information, beauty and wisdom contained within its pages.  Thank you for continuing to provide each edition.”


-A.F., Rockford, Illinois



“My garden blesses your work.”


-L.K., Lake Charles, Louisiana



“I love the calendars...not to worry.  Life is full, generous and sweet.  I wish you many blessings.  Namaste!”


-M.U., Stonington, Connecticut




“Hooray for publication!  I am so glad that you have somehow patched things together after the flood. “


- S.L., Holyoke, Massachusetts



“Many Blessings on your work – and recovery!  I am hoping my finances will support me in supporting you more this year.  Last year was the ‘dip down’ – no floods thank goodness – and working to keep my own ‘Little Boat Afloat’  Peace!


-K., location unknown



“At this Season of Souls there no other I’d rather write a check to honor – thanks!”


-H.P.N., Los Angeles, California



“Greetings, M’Lady!  You rock!”


E.B., Austin, Texas



“Grateful does not begin to express my sincere and genuine appreciation for the incredible gift you have created with the Luna Calendar. “


K.A., Red Bluff, California 



“Thanks as always for this great service.  Couldn’t live without it!”


-D.L., Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania



“This donation is my privilege.  Thanks for the moon!”


-E.E.K., Norwood, Massachusetts



“I love this calendar!”


-J.B., Walla Walla, Washington





“Blessings on your watery world – may you come through this with courage and love.  This $ might help a little.  Much love.”


-E.D., Gulfport, Florida




“ I am glad to know that you continue on.  Your calendar is integral to my spiritual life.”


-A.M., Bloomington, Indiana




“Please accept this donation in appreciation of your fine work over these many decades!”


-D.A., Madison, Wisconsin



“Extending blessing to all of you at Luna Press with great appreciation, in harmony.”


- M.K., North Branch, Michigan



“It definitely helps me get through each year!”


-M.R., Seattle, Washington



“Many blessings on you for your labors of love to keep the Moon in our lives.”


-R.C., Holyoke, Massachusetts



“Not only did this calendar change my life, it has become a bond between me and my four young nieces.  How it touches me to visit their dorms or apartments and see the calendar prominently displayed…I know it helps them too.  Thank you. BB.”


-S.M.H., Southold, New York



“Thank you for all your generous works of magic: they are inspirational and comforting.

Blessings Light and Love.


-J.G., Poughkeepsie, New York




“Thanks for persisting all of these years!”


-C.F., Daly City, California



“You have been – and remain – a guide and role model in being in service to what you love – no matter what!!  Thank you.  Many Blessings on your work in the world.


-K, location unknown



“Hoping that lots of laughter, happy events and prosperity await you !”


-A.S., Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts



“Please accept this gift check for Luna Press – may you continue to BE & flourish.”


-S.C., Long Beach Township, New Jersey



“Sending you good energy, loving healing light and this donation. (Luna needs it more than the Student Loan Corporation!  They have plenty.)


-S.S., Maine



“So sorry to hear of your flood damage.  We had some water damage – not huge or catastrophic – since we were at home for the three big storms in March and were able to keep up with cleaning the gutters, moving portable pumps, and moving buckets.  Just put on a new roof to protect from the next series of 100 year floods – so what another $ hundred for a worthy cause like your calendar’s survival?”


-M.M., Wakefield, Rhode Island



“Dear Luna people…What a heartbreak!  The ways of water are complex…a cool drink, a raging flood, the tide’s rhythms, tears.  May you always look up.  Thank you for all the joy and connection you have given me for all these years.  You are all so beautiful. Love.


-M.M., Newfoundland, Canada




“We were flooded out to lost basement floors and two feet of walls and doors.  Hoipe this gift helps.  Look up and stay in the flow.”


-M.M., Bronx, New York



“Thank you all for what you give.”


-B.B., Federal Way, Washington



“So sorry about the flood!  I love you at Luna Press and will keep you in my heart.

 The calendar has meant so much to me!”


-K.A., Stamford, Connecticut


“Flood are no fun!  We had 3 in 2 years on the Delaware River here in Pennsylvania.

Don’t give up!  We need you!”


-D. L., Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania



“I am so sorry to hear about the flood damage, and glad you reached out for support.  I appreciate your work so much.  Your calendar has helped sustain me and keep me connected to myself and my sense of Spirit for many years – since before I could find many other resources to help support my spirituality. It was the first one and remains my favorite and most constant tool.  It is so rich, deep and wonderful, every year. I now have a tradition of giving it for a winter solstice gift, and I routinely harass all the metaphysical store in my city to carry it!  Many blessings to you…keep up your work.  Much love.


-R.B., Seattle, Washington



“Please accept this check to continue the work.  Over the years we have learned of your strength in adversity. I am sure you, and your loyal calendar checkers, will see this latest through. Bright Blessings.


-K.Z.B., Alexandria, Virginia



“Here you go – more tangible love!”


-S.T.,  Farmington, New Mexico




“May you rebirth through water in the most wondrous ways that the glory of the joy of dawn once again fill your throat.


Sometimes life sucks and no words can fix it. I am saddened for your loss yet I am impressed by your tenacity.  I just wish I could send more to help.  Just know that I think about you and hold you up into her light.”


-P.Z., Mansfield, Georgia



“As a toast, I know each down has a rise.  Hope you are on the way up!  Peace.”


-M.N. & J, Bridgeport, Connecticut



“May our Moon strengthen and bless you.”


-D.S., Goshen, Connecticut



“Many blessings to you, and I wish to send you comfort and encouragement in this time of loss and hard work.


You probably know this already, but let me remind you that although so many of your treasures are lost, the work of Luna lives on in so many hearts and souls, and in the Universe itself.  Look up!  Love, hugs, and blessings from


-J.T., Grand Rapids, Michigan



“Best wishes for a new and happy office and future!”


-L.H., Portland, Oregon



“You have been constantly in my heart and mind ever since I heard about your flood.

Now that the waters are receding I feel that all will be well. Take heart!


-C.J., Rhinebeck, New York



“I am grateful for all the moon power – I need it!”


J.H., Peaks Island, Maine



“Thank you for the lovely calendar to brighten my life.”


-J.D., Oxnard, California



“Looking up and looking forward to The Lunar Calendar continuing.”


-L.J., Los Angeles, California



“Hang it there, the Universe tests us in many ways!”


-L.R., Bishop, California



“Your calendar has made my daily life an illumination for decades.  Even in my apartment, I have a sliding glass window, floor to ceiling – and from there we track the moon – and occasionally, give a good howl back!


Keep shining for us all!”


M.N. & J., Bridgeport, Connecticut



“So sorry to hear about the flood…there must be something far grander in store for Luna Press! I am happy to support you in the resurrection!”


-J.T., Medina, Ohio



“Your light will always shine through.  I had no idea you’d been tsunamied.

You are a survivor. Beautiful blessings.


-S.L., Wellfleet, Massachusetts



“I hadn’t realized the flooding was so great in your part of the country. I hope this at least helps get the paper dust off of your kitchen table.  I have to say that I admire you perseverance, as do all others that hold you dear.”


-R.V., Castle Rock, Colorado






“Please accept this small offering toward keeping going.  I enclose a few artifacts I had to help you built a new archive.”


-P.H., Cranston, Rhode Island



“Last May I watched a flooded creek become a raging river as it raced across the lower twenty acres of our farm.  It broke my heart knowing all that water was flowing out of control on its way to someone’s home and business. Sadly it ended up in Franklin and Nashville, Tennessee. 


Helping friends regain their lives has shown me the devastation that water can do.

Such duality from such an important element of life. 


My heart and our land sends you all strength and fortitude as you rebuilt Luna Press.


She/The Moon flows above seen ands unseen and She will guide you.


Be dry. Be well. And know peace.”


-I.L.N., Columbia, Tennessee



“Wish this had a few zeros after the 35!”  Blessings!


-K.S., Santa Fe, New Mexico



“Sending light and love from the west!”


-S.G., Santa Barbara, California



“Here is an extra gift for Luna – towards her new home.  With gifts from here and there from those who love Her, you’ll be able to make it happen.  Peace, love and light.


-S.C., Long Beach Township, New Jersey



“Good heavens!  Let’s hear it for the kitchen table!!! In fact for all the kitchen tables in history!  What would we have without them?  Uphill from here.  Love,


-J.J., San Francisco, California





“To all at Luna Press: I was so sorry to hear of your floods and the damage they caused.  Enclosed is a small token of my good wishes for a recovery of good fortune.  I wish it could be more.  If I win the lottery I will share it with you.”


-U.A., East Otto, New York



“The Lunar Calendar is my daily connection to all that is sacred.  May you recover from this set back & prosper.  Blessed Be.


-S.G., Rochester, New York



“It is amazing what wonders are created at the kitchen table along with crazy wisdom.  Look up the sliver is growing and lighting the night sky.  Thank you all, yet again, for

wanting to do it again.   Peace & Light & lots of Love,


-S.T., Newton, Iowa



“Everything turned upside down but sister moon is always on our side. Walk in Beauty.”


-S.R.L.E., Petaluma, California



“Together we will rise again as She does in our sky.  Out thoughts and support are with you.”


-J.H. & C.K., Albuquerque, New Mexico



“I use your calendar in my Earth Science class throughout the school year.”


-T.H., Auburn, Massachusetts



“The Moon Boat is still afloat!!!  Blessings and Thank you.”


--C.W., Fort Collins, Colorado



“Thank you for all your beautiful and supportive work!”


-A.D., Seattle, Washington



“To all the wonderful folk who put out The Lunar Calendar, Whether the moon shines or not is has always shone on my wall and blessed me – with Her light and your dedication.

May this small token of my appreciation help you with your important fabulous work.

Bright Blessings.”


-F.S., Durango, Colorado



“Helping keep the moon boat afloat.  Thank you for you work!”


-K.F.N., Williston, North Dakota



“There is no other calendar that compares to yours.  I simple couldn’t do without it…nor could my son.”


-P.C., Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania



“I hope you are recovering from your flood.  Can there be something positive out of that?

I wonder; maybe the moon will tell you if you ask her.”


-E.B., Mantua, Ohio



“Always the light shines (and it’s easier to see in the dark).”


M.N. & J., Bridgeport, Connecticut



“The ‘fund-raiser’ is great!  So like a big gathering of the faithful.

Thanks to Virginia and to all who labor in these hands-on efforts. I was especially moved and taught by the comments of H.N. from Brooklyn.


So I thought I had problems!


I think of you as bringing in the big moon boat that will ensure so many others – ours! –

will have an easier time staying afloat this next year.”


-C.C., Charlston, Illinois







“I Have read all the names of those who have blessed you in your work, thank you so much for sending it to me.”


-C.S., Stoughton, Massachusetts



“The pictures of your flood devastation at Luna are startling to say the least.  We had a foot of water in our lower level during Hurricane Floyd and that did enough damage!

In your damage you had to have lost  nearly everything!  There is no way that much water would have spared anything.


When I walked outside to our mailbox to put my gift to Luna in it, it was pouring & even though I had the envelope tucked under my arm, it still got wet.  There was a sense of urgency I felt during that terribly windy & rainy& cold week & I thought to myself that your area was getting hammered.


Know that my thoughts are with Luna Press.  Take gentle care.  Serenity always.


-S.C., Long Beach Township, New Jersey



“Stay afloat ‘till safe harbor.”


-N.W., St. Petersburg, Florida


Older Letters

“To the wonderful folk who put out The Lunar Calendar: I give thanks for your dedication and vision.  I give thanks to the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth.

I give thanks to the glories, the sky, and especially to Sister Moon.”

-F.S., Durango, Colorado


 “The Lunar Calendar is a vital part of my life.  The artwork is striking and the poetry is divine.  I am truly grateful for having it in my life.”

C.T., Upton, Massachusetts

“After I lost my calendar, I really realized how much I enjoy and rely on it, so I ordered another and sent a donation. Thanks you so much!

-A.U., Moab, Utah

“I am glad to find you and wish I had found out about your splendid calendar earlier.  It was Marge Piercy’s book of poems that alerted me to Luna Press.”

-K.F., Kimberton, Pennsylvania


“Your calendar is very insightful and well done. I so enjoy having that little bit closer connection with the skies that it gives me.  I thank you.”

-I.M., Denver, Colorado


“The Lunar Calendar provides me with the soothing sense of the cycles of life, the knowing that good sent out will return to the sender in time, that endings are beginnings, and beginnings are here to remind us that we always have another chance to make a better choice or do it right.  Many blessings to the staff who provide us with such beauty, wisdom, and spirit!”

-S.C., Hayes, Virginia


“My first memory of the moon is from age 4 from my grandfather’s arms as he held me up to be “closer to the sky.”  My 70th birthday was in May.

-E.R., Eugene, Oregon


“I thought I might be okay without it…but not really…I miss it too much!!!”

-S.T., Oakville, Washington


“I can hardly believe it has taken this long to find your amazingly beautiful and powerful calendar…or perhaps it found me!”

-B.C., Tahlequah, Oklahoma


“I tried to live without it but couldn’t.”

-L.B., Brooklyn, New York
 “Thank you for a gorgeous, inspirational, useful calendar and all of the love and hard work that goes into it!” 
-S.S., Whitmore Lake, Michigan
“I almost didn’t order this year, but I hang them in my kitchen window and that spot would be barren without those monthly musings, as would I.” 

-P.T., Cedar Park, Texas


 “Thank you to everyone for doing this work – I  so look forward to it every year!”

-S.H., Dorchester, Massachusetts
 “I love/need it so!” 
-M.D., Portland, Oregon


“Thanks for keeping on and continuing to produce the best calendar I have ever seen.”

-G.C., Atlanta, Georgia
”Greetings and Blessings!  I've lost count of how many years I have been gazing at your calendar.  It's well over a decade now, and it's a "must have".  The past few years were challenging with job losses and family crises, but things have been looking up and I'm happy to finally be in a spot to contribute a little extra this year to make sure you can keep offering this gem!  I use your calendar in so many ways, including to track my cycles, and am so excited to use it this year as we'll be attempting to conceive.  I look forward to such a special use of the calendar and the joy of watching my belly grow along with the glorious moon.  I hope all is well with you, and continue to send my blessings your way!”
-T.C.B., Apex, North Carolina
“I simply cannot be without this calendar!  This will be my 22nd year with it!
-C.L.R., Maiden, North Carolina

“I think it is wonderful what you do, it’s nice to see someone who cares as much as you about the moon and wants to share this with everyone. I hope The Lunar Calendar continues to stick around for years to come!  Best of luck.  And we’ll keep looking up!
-F.J., Sharon Springs, New York
“A good friend of mine from France gives you kudos for the calendar – she says she’d never seen a calendar so wondrous (and she’s going on 82).
-J.G., Brooklyn, New York
“I love writing this check every year for the new Lunar Calendar!”
-H.P.N., Los Angeles, California

It is so important to look up!  Your calendar is the best ever!”
-C.E., Shoreline, Washington
“Blessings of Light on your Path – my Lunar Calendar is a “constant” in my ever changing uneven path.”
-M.K., North Branch, Michigan

“Thanks to you I’ll be looking up!”
-N.T., Ipswich, Massachusetts
”Thank you so much for your faithfulness in putting out this calendar every year.  In each calendar, there is some particular poem or image that inspires me for another year.  THANK YOU!!!!”
-T.L., Lake Forest Park, Washington
“I am delighted to see this year’s calendar…made me draw in a deep breath at first glance from the mail box…fierce and wild yet contained and regal.  May we all learn the wisdom of a slow (& Majestic?) pace.”
-C.C., Charleston, Illinois
  “The Lunar Calendar has been part of my life for 28 years.  I was saddened last year to discover the store I usually purchased it from quietly closed up shop after about 30 years of selling sweet and mystical items.  I’d be honored to be included in the next edition!”
-C.S., Austin, Texas
I used your wonderful calendar when I was trying to get pregnant and it was an inspiration and a strengthening influence for me.  It was also fun when I was finally pregnant and looking forward to the birth of my little one.  I wish it were more widely available in stores.”

-J.B., Los Angeles, California


“I want to take a moment to thank you for keeping the Lunar Calendar afloat. It has meant so much to me, and now to my son.  When I moved a few years ago the calendar went with him and, as you say, we only have to “look up” and we know we’re connected. Every time we check the calendar we send you a smile and a hug.”

-P.C., Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania
 “Don’t know what I would do without my Lunar Calendar: such a non-linear necessity in my life.  Let the lunacy & the spiral of life continue, indeed!”

-A.M.O., Medford, New York
“Thank you all for being and for wanting to do yet another!  May your gifts of art and poetry create another lunatic gem!”

-S.T., Newtown, Iowa

“The Lunar Calendar is the core of my spiritual practice.  Not that I chose it…it “chose” me!”
-C.C., Charleston, Illinois

"I am so grateful for your beautiful work.  The Lunar Calendar makes my world make sense."

-D.A., Beaver, Oregon


"Thank you for your many moons, your belief in us, and in  the power of words and images."

-F.S., Durango, Colorado


"You're making the tide come in!  And all without government funding."

-L.P., Greer, South Carolina


"The Lunar Calendar is such a gentle way to track time and relationships."

-Q.F., Grass Valley, California


"Everything important to me, now, is noted.  'It is a time of narrow sight.  Time to go back, reclaim the night.'"

-W.S., Location Unknown


"The Lunar Calendar opened my eyes to knowledge I didn't know I already possessed."

-J.R., Los Angeles, California


"Yours is my absolute favorite calendar that keeps me in tune with Luna.  Thanks for such a beautiful offering."

-C.L., Freedom, California


"The Lunar Calendar has kept me in a very special balance, not just the information but your whole approach."

-A.W., Benicia, California


"Thank you for your dedication even in times of struggle.  Keep the remainder (I know it's small!) as some sort of gratitude.  Look forward to you every year!"

-A.O., Sandpoint, Idaho


"This is too valuable a resource to lose!"

S.J., Hamden, Connecticut


"I refer to your calendar nearly every day.  My hearty thanks."

K.S., Santa Fe, New Mexico


"Thank you.  Keep the moon barge sailing!"

D.G., Calais, Vermont


"'Suerte' with the work.  Thank you for the art and poetry and lunar guidance.  Life wouldn't be the same without the calendar's blessing our lives."

S.T., Newton, Iowa


"I have every copy of the Lunar Calendar that I have purchased over the past two decades.  They are so precious that I cannot bear to give them up."

C.E., Asheville, North Carolina


"Many thanks for the calendars.  I notice that the quality is as good as ever.  I'm getting older, but still can appreciate friendships, such as yours."

E.H., Millis, Massachusetts


"Please let the Lunacy continue!"

D.W., Meadow Vista, California


"Your calendar is always a joy and allows me to remember to 'Look up!'  Thank you."

C.M., Rockford, Illinois


"I am out of work but thanks in no small part to your calendar not out of light and hope."

M.N., Trumbull, Connecticut


"The Lunar Grove I planted thirteen years ago is growing well...I owe it all to your lunar calendar for introducing me to the Celtic tree calendar system."

M.T., Vashon, Washington


"I send warm wishes to each and all...who created this wonderful yearly gift to us all and to the world."

U.A., East Otto, New York


"Thank you for your dedication even in times of struggle."

- the unknown author


"You always empower my day as I track my life via the lunations."

Q.F., Grass Valley, California


"...your service is way beyond the call of duty...thank you for your labor of love with THE LUNAR CALENDAR which I have enjoyed for many years!"

M.R., DesMoines, Iowa


As usual your calendar is magnificent...we can still find wonder and amazement looking "up" at that glorious Luminous Moon!"

S.L., Greeley, Colorado


"Thank you for helping to provide guidance to my cycle year after year! Keep up all the good work - we all love what you do for us."

L.S., Studio City, California


"Please don't ever stop making this calendar!"

C.A., Lafayette, California


"I am really excited about this calendar!"

B.D., Visalia, California


"Thank you for being there for another year.  I don't have much to give this year, but I hope this extra donation will magically multiply for you. With Love."

C.S., Escondido, California


"I so love and enjoy the beauty of it!"

S.S., Damascus, Maryland


"I am so glad that I found you again.  It has been 10 years since I have had one of your calendars but I never stopped thinking about it."

E.L., Canal Winchester, Ohio


"I just got a copy of Marge Piercy's THE MOON IS ALWAYS FEMALE and she mentioned your calendars on the back cover - so here I am!"

J.K., Silver Spring, Maryland


"Please keep on keeping on!"

B.M., British Columbia, Canada


"Thank you so much for providing us with such a beautiful and helpful and accurate calendar."

M.L., Norman, Oklahoma


"I am so happy to help your "little moon boat" stay afloat. The calendar is always exquisite - a unique and creative masterpiece. We can't afford to lose it!"

C.P., West Hartford, Connecticut



"Your good work is a lovely way to help us remember what we truly are as humans, as creatures, as animals and just plain living entities on our earth."

S.S., New York, New York


"You are great - the best lunar calendar ever available.

I wish you prosperity in the new year!"

P.C., Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania


"Thank you for persisting in this good work year after year."

T.L., Lake Forest Park, Washington


"Your calendar has been a part of my daily life for so many years now and ordering always brings such a smile to my face and a rush of memories to my heart.  Blessings now and always..."

T.C., Apex, New York


"As a 17-year-old with a minimum wage job, I can't give much, but I hope even this amount can at least do you some good.  Like I bought you a light bulb or something."

H.K., Hazel Green, Alabama


"This money is for a new pair of boots for you!"

B.B., Federal Way, Washington


"May your beautiful creative vision carry on."

D.R., West Lynn, Massachusetts


"Thank you for the wonderful daily reminder of the Goddess and her pull in our lives."

S.R., East Windsor, New Jersey


"Thank you for your beautiful calendar!  For over 10 years it has been my special gift to the wonderful women in my life.  We are looking up thanks to you."

T.A., Manassas, Virginia


"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful calendar and all your hard work to bring it to us each year!"

D. & R.H., Charlotte, North Carolina


"Keep the looking up up."

C.C., Sacramento, California


"The full moon was awesome...as my teenaged son says, 'we are lucky to have the most beautiful natural satellite in our solar system.'"

A.D., Seattle, Washington


"My father at 90 watches the moon closely, from the 14th floor of his apartment in Queens with sweeping views from moonrise to set!"

R.S., Schenectady, New York


"We are very grateful that you are able to continue publishing despite the difficulties in economics, we so enjoy the calendar all year each year."

R.P., Norfolk, Virginia


"Thanks for orbiting again!  Go well."

G.G., East Sussex, United Kingdom


"To thank you for 30 years of great work!"

J.S., Norwood, Massachusetts


"We are thrilled with the lunar calendar with which we can track our tracks."

M.&B.N., Trumbull, Connecticut


"The calendar is haunting and beautiful, it has somehow comforted and strengthened me in terrible times. Blessings on your life and work."

C.C., Charleston, Illinois


"The 89 year old man I look after enjoys knowing when the moon rises and sets and is full.  He keeps it right beside his chair it makes me smile..."

D.R., Corinth, Vermont


"I know you all have struggled in recent years, and I do want our Moon-boat to stay afloat!"

K.M., Manchaca, Texas


"It feeds my soul and spirit and I use it every day."

M.M., Newfoundland, Canada


"Happy 30th anniversary - hope there are 30 more in the future!"

H.L., Ipswich, Massachusetts


“Bless you – Goddess Speed…” 

T. T., Kamuela, Hawaii 

“I love your moon calendar. A dear friend gives it to me every year and I want you to know how much I love and appreciate it.”  

D. P., Chester, Connecticut 

“I heard about your calendar through Inga Muscio’s engaging book, Cunt…”

 L. P., Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

“I am not in the position to provide you with more than a pittance ($25) and my best wishes. May Luna Press continue to exist and grow in the months ahead, and my best wishes to you and your endeavors.”

E. D., Norwood, Pennsylvania 

“…we tithe 10% of our gross income, as a gift to those in need, or those organizations that serve their community. We are honored to share a gift with you at this time and we know it blesses us as well as you.”

Reverend F. T., Morristown, New Jersey

“Regrets not to have gotten this to you sooner. Love to show my connection. May the little moon boat continue to float. XOX”

 M. S., New York, NY

“You’ve been a part of my life for a long time and I’d like that to continue. Best of luck to you. Please keep me updated as to your progress.” 

M. M., Wakefield, Rhode Island 

“Good luck with your collection and all the best from me here in Deia as I write.”

 L. G., Mallorca, Spain

 “Donate? You bet! The Lunar Calendar helps keep me on the path of truth and rhythm. I’m proud to own it, use it, give it.”

 C. J., Boulder, Colorado

“I hope that my dear old friend, The Lunar Calendar, shall arrive safe and sound again this fall as it has for so many years. It has become as dear to me as the Moon Herself. May she thrive!” 

R. S., Shrewsbury, New Jersey

“Daily inspiration is a rare thing. I find it in the Lunar Calendar.” 

G. T., Newton, Massachusetts

 "I continue to look up…”

 T. Z., City Island, New York 

“Last night I saw the moon rise amid thunderstorms all around. A sign! Brightest blessings!”

 K. M., Manchaca, Texas

 “I was delighted to get this card as I was unable to find an ’04 calendar at any of my usual suppliers. How can I get one in the future?”

 S. C., White Horn, California

 “Good luck! Please hang in there!”

 I.A., Oslo, Norway

“May the Lady continue to bless your work. May the way be open for wealth, abundance & green energy…Now, Now, Now!”

 L. K., Los Angeles, California 

“I love you!” 

C. C., Charleston, Illinois

“Good luck with this fundraising. Hope it brings in lots of money! Wish I had more to give!”

 S. S., Farmington, Maine

“Hope this of some use. Wish I could give more. Looking forward to another calendar, and another after that…”

 J. M. S., Somerville, Massachusetts

“Thank you for so many years of magic and delight!"

M. B., Montclair, New Jersey

 “In two decades you have graced my life with illustrations, inspired me with poetry, and illuminated my own spiral paths of waxing and waning. May this small token of my appreciation for all you’ve done and for all you represent, help you reach fullness again. With gratitude and bright blessings to thee.”

F. S., Durango, Colorado

“I always think I am just checking for the date and where the moon is, but really it is more a quiet, still prayer. Although the glance is calming, it also provokes a serene smile.”

 C. A., Framingham, Massachusetts 

“Thanks! For your dedication, I am appreciative!”

 W. R., Somerville, Massachusetts

“Thank you so much for this wonderful calendar.  It makes everything so much easier. It also reminds me that time isn’t linear but cyclical. And that brings a special comfort. Blessings to you all, Sisters! You are doing Goddess work!”

 V. S., Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania

“We wish you much success in making sure the 30th edition will be published! We love it so.”

 D. & R. H., Charlotte, North Carolina

“I adore your calendar, and have been getting 3 copies each year from my favorite local shop. I am sorry to hear of the hard times lately. Thank you for making your needs known – and for reminding us to look up!”

 K. G., Richmond, Virginia

“I have enjoyed your calendar for the past eight years. There is no substitute for what you are doing. I don’t know what I would do without my lunar calendar!”

 T. K., Hillsdale, Michigan

“Your calendar helps me center my life, in light and dark, and circle onward. If I can get a job, the next check will be for more.”

 M. N., Trumbull, Connecticut

“Thank you for putting out this wonderful calendar. I get one for my wife each year. It’s at the top of her wish list.” 

G. R., New Sweden, Maine

 “I very much enjoy The Lunar Calendar and love the Moon in all her cycles.  Yes to special thanks!”

D. E., Phoenix, Arizona

“It’s about time that everything should turn around and work in favor of The Lunar Calendar.  You’ve put your whole life’s energy into it.  Even what’s in the secret places of your heart and soul, you’ve invested in this remarkable, extraordinary,

beautiful calendar!  So, I hope this little donation helps – wish it could be more.”

C. P., West Hartford, Connecticut

“Thank you for publishing what has come to be my favorite calendar.”

M. M., Bozeman, Montana

“I love the calendar and will do all I can to help.”

K. L., Columbia, Maryland

“…and a very special thanks to you…I am a better woman because of the spiral moons with which I live through the calendar.  May we always remember the sacred moon and how she guides us through this life.  Love you lots!”

E. D., Denman Island, B.C., Canada

“Hi, Luna Press Wonderful People.  Wish I could send more, but I know every little bit helps.  Thank you for what you do!” 

M. M., Newfoundland, Canada 

“As an artist, my mother has helped me for many years. Without this assistance some exquisite art would not exist.All the best!”

 R.M., Crete, Greece

 “I am so glad to see that we have another year of this wonderful way of living – Thank you, thank you, thank you all.” 

K. S., Northampton, Massachusetts

 “When I first ordered, I hesitated about making a donation…when I received my lovely calendar today, THERE IS NO DOUBT!  This reminds us to always LOOK UP! from the depths…even on cloudy nights.

C.C., Charleston, Illinois

 “Thanks for another year!”

 D. L., Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania

 “So happy you are here!”

 M. B., Fairlee, Vermont

 “Have just discovered you, following a lead from the back of Marge Piercy’s book, THE MOON IS ALWAYS FEMALE. Looking forward to my first calendar!”

 E. G., Berkeley, California

 “There is no other calendar like this out there. Continue the great work…please!”

 T. K., Hillsdale, Michigan

 “I enclose a tithe, I hope it helps you stay afloat and thanks for all the past and future enjoyment of your lunacy!” 

D. G., Calais, Vermont 

“As always, I treasure your work – and the time I spend with The Moon.”

 H. P. N., Los Angeles, California

 “Another year! Hurray!”

 S. B., Big Run, Pennsylvania

 “This is my 5th Lunar Calendar: It’s the only calendar I use. Thank you for, among other things, your great customer service, a rare thing these days.”

 S. R., Banner Elk, North Carolina

 “Thank you for your wonderful work. I treasure your calendar!”

 C. H., Scarborough, Maine

“Wouldn’t want to go through the year without your wonderful calendar. Thanks. Sweet Blessings.”

 C. M., Rockford, Illinois

 “A beautiful addition to my life. Thank you.”

K. C., Lakewood, Ohio

 “Love your calendars so much. Many blessings.”

 L. M., Houston, Texas

 “Please send 13 calendars! I can’t wait to see this new one and am excited to give them to my friends.”

 L. C., New York, New York 

“Thank you again for your beautiful and functional art.”

 M. K., Asburnham, Massachusetts

 “I love your calendar – it has an honored space where I can check in with the moon every day. It helps me to stay grounded and in unity (especially when I can’t see the moon because of this wonderful New England weather)!”

 M. R., Wallingford, Connecticut

 “Thank you for your hard work, dedication and creativity. I love this calendar!”

B. R., Island Forks, North Dakota

“Thanks so much for making it another year. My wall would be empty without my calendar.”

C. F., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I love you all! Go for it again!”

G. B., Batvia, Illinois

“My Chinese friends were fascinated by it and by the fact that somebody actually makes them in ‘the west!’”

S. E., Dandong City, China

“Thank you for making this available on line.  I love this calendar!”

C. Z., NYC, New York

“Y’all are the best! I look to the calendar with every turn of the year’s wheel.  There are many changes ahead and the calendar is a big help to always remember to look upward.”

C. C., Seattle, Washington

“Many thanks for your beautiful, informative, and accurate calendar. We can’t get by without it!”

R. P., Norfolk, Virginia

“Thank you for your prompt and promising reply to my question.  Every such courtesy is a ray of light in a dark time.”

R. W., Jenner, California

“My sister has given me this calendar as a gift for years and I love it.  These are gifts for my granddaughters who have just entered the circle of women.  Thank you for your dedication to the Goddess!”

 J. M., Columbia, Maryland

 “The time I take to mark my days brings me back to the lunar cycle and to the whole.”

 S. A., Framingham, Massachusetts

 “Thank for keeping the tradition alive!”

 C. S., Rockville, Maryland

 “Thank you for all you have done to make The Lunar Calendar available to us all.”

 W. K., Fort White, Florida

 “Blessings to you for continuing this beautiful work!”

 J. R., Quebec City, Canada

“The web site is beautiful – it has so much more than I was aware of.”

 R. S., Middlebury, Connecticut

“Please accept our gift in the spirit of love and abundance for all.”

 D. M., Brookings, Oregon

“Thanks for the calendar – it has given me much joy this year – and now I will be spreading the joy with my favorite friends!” 

C. T., Dorset, UK

 “I am so happy that Luna Press has persisted.  May you be so blessed (and more) this coming year.

S. C., Arcata, California

“I have been ordering the calendar for more than 10 years now, and every year I am extremely pleased. Keep up the good work!”

 A.     L., Sunnyvale, California

 “May we all be more blessed in 2005. The moon will still be there, as always, from time out of mind, and will continue. Look up!”

 C.    W., Belleville, Illinois

“Glad to see you’re sticking with us. Best wishes for the New Year.”

 J. G., Brooklyn, New York

 “Thank you for your labor of love. We wish you all the best in 2005!”

 D.    & R. H., Charlotte, North Carolina

 “This is my first Lunar Calendar and I can’t wait to see it! I read about it in a book by Inga Muscio – and she just raves about it.”

 M. N., Corvallis, Oregon

 “Blessings on you all who actually produce this!”

 D.    C., Charleston, Illinois

 “Thanks again for producing such a wonderful calendar year after year. I was looking back through my stack of previous calendars and realized that I’ve been tracking my life and particularly my personal lunar cycles on your calendar for 15 years now! How time flies when you’re watching the moon!”

 T. C., Apex, North Carolina

 “Thank you for putting out a beautiful piece of art that I enjoy daily.”

 T. C., Tulsa, Oklahoma

 “I love your courage, positive outlook, and warmth.”

 T. Z. L., Bronx, New York

 “This is too valuable a resource to lose!”

 S. J., Hamden, Connecticut

 “I am so grateful for you and your beautiful work. Luna Press makes my world make sense. Thank you.”

 E.     C. A., Beaver, Oregon

 “You always empower my day as I track my life via the lunations…they are such a gentle way to track time and relationships. Still subscribing 20 years after finding you.”

 Q. F., Grass Valley, California

 “Thank you for publishing The Lunar Calendar. It is beautiful, filled with true art and inspiration. Blessings Abundant.”

 P. P., Lilly Dale, New York

 “The calendars are profound works…a joy to receive.”

 K. L. B., New York, New York

 “Having received some unexpected money during the holidays, I’ve decided to share it with you. Please don’t leave us!” 

J. J., San Francisco, CA  

“I am so pleased with the Lunar Calendar. I’ve been looking for one for so long. This one is perfect!”

 C. S., Fremont, California

 “The art work and poetry have a raw earthly ethereal beauty…I’ve observed a marked correlation between different phases of the moon and my own internal, mental, physical, physiological, and spiritual states.”

 W. G., Auburn, New York

 “Thank you so much for doing the Lunar Calendar. It is a gift you have shared with me every day for the past 12 years.”

 A.     W., Benicia, California 

“Please continue to produce your beautiful calendar. I think it helps bring sanity to our planet – as well as promoting health.” 

M. K., Poughkeepsie, New York 

“Yours is my absolute favorite calendar that keeps me in tune with Luna.Thanks for such a beautiful offering.” 

C.    L., Freedom, California 

“Thanks again for filling a gaping need in this world. I hope you manage to stay in business for a long time to come.” 

P. M., Cambridge, Massachusetts


Here are more letters received during the past years!


“It’s so rewarding to be able to be a re-gifter, and choose what seems to me to be valuable and of some importance in an untrustworthy world.  Your lunar calendars are truly a significant statement – look up! Indeed.”



“The extra amount is yours – sorry it is not much more – love to you for all you do.”

W.K. Fort White, Florida


 “I am so very glad to see that there is a 28th Lunar Calendar.”

P.C., Bainbridge Island, Washington


“Glad you survived! Donation enclosed to thank you for your beautiful work!”

F.B., Princeton, N.J.


“I am so pleased that you are continuing.  I am pleased to be of help.”

T.M., Switzerland


“I bought the very first calendar.  I still have on my wall tattered pages from the ’77 and ’78 editions.

They helped me find the spirit inside me. I am thrilled that the Lunar Calendar is still in existence.”

K.M.R., Takoma Park, Maryland


“As always, I simply LOVE this calendar and can’t even imagine my year or cycles without it!  I wish and pray that you continue to be blessed so that the Goddess may continue to shine one of  Her  brilliant faces through your work!”

T.C., Apex, N.C.


“You know this calendar is a must and a pleasure for me.”

J. Z., Coleman, Florida


“It is a pleasure to keep giving – I’m lost without my lunar cycle.”



“I offer my full support from my heart!”

L.S., Santa Monica, California


“Your calendar is magnificent as usual.  It is such an exquisite work of art.”

C.P., West Hartford, Connecticut


“Re-congratulations on your resourcefulness in saving THE calendar!  A Thousand Thanks!”

L.P., Greer, S.C.


“Every year I look forward to ordering my Lunar Calendar, and thank you for creating such a beautiful thing year after year after year!”

A.R., Nanuet, NY


“It was heartwarming to  hear you survived.  Here is a gift to start the next lunar year right – hope you get hundreds more, so you can keep on doing your wonderful work.”

T.L., City Island, NY


“What a relief to receive the ’04 edition – may this year bring you prosperity and relief from financial worries.”

M.S., British Columbia, Canada


“May Lakshmi bless you and the calendar in the coming year with all that you need.”

 R.S., Shrewsbury, NJ


 “So glad you are “afloat” again! (at least for now…what do any of us know of the future?)

I am delighted  to order and gift.”

C.C., Charleston, Illinois


“I am so glad you are still doing this!  I asked all my friends to whom I give calendars to help you now – I know some of them did.  Goddess bless you for your good work!”

A.H., Scotts Valley, California


“I enjoy your calendar each year and hope you will be able to keep publishing.  Seems everything keeps getting more expensive but your calendar is so worth it.  Keep up the great work!”

M.R., Seattle, Washington


 “To celebrate that you made it, I would like to do all my Holiday shopping with you and give you a gift of  US dollars too.”

I.A., Oslo, Norway


 “I am so grateful to have another year with your fabulous calendar!”

K.S., Santa Fe, NM


“This donation comes late because I was unemployed for a time.”

E.S., Cambridge, Massachusetts


“Thank you for publishing another year of my long-time, all-time, favorite calendar.  I find it indispensable, inspiring, and visually unique!”

B.L., Canterbury, Connecticut


“Glad you are still here!”

M.F., Charlottesville, Virginia


“Here is a show of support – I really appreciate what you offer – and offer prayers and blessings on your continuance.”

K.M.H., Beallsville, Maryland


“Thank you so much – we always look forward to flipping the pages each moon to see what new treasure awaits!”

D.F., Oak Hill, Virginia


“Wishes for great success for the ability to continue “gifting” the many souls you reach out to.”

S.G.S., Verona, NJ


“I’ve cherished your calendar for years.  Through a myriad of life changes it’s been a steady constant. I love the art, the poetry, but what I love the most is the fact that it reminds me that time does not run in little square boxes.  There are different ways to measure the days, and that life is a cycle.  Keep up the wonderful work!”

A.T., Seattle, Washington


“Have a merry (and prosperous!) season.  Long live the lunar calendar!

M.J., San  Pedro, California


“I am a loyal reader. Thank you for making this calendar. I donate to your continuing success and am visualizing a long, solvent future for us both.”

T.K., Hillsdale, Michigan


 “We are so pleased that you made it for another year!”

H.S., Santa Fe, NM


 “Thanks for helping me to explore the mysteries.”

D.D., Ithaca, NY


“Thank you for your service of art and spirit to this world…Blessed Be!”

C.M., Rockford, Illinois


“Thank you for keeping on with the most wonderful calendar ever published!  Here’s a little donation to help you.”

S.W., Woodstock, NY


“I love your calendar and my friends now expect to receive one every Solstice.  It is a beautiful product.”

M.S., Marcola, Oregon


“I have loved your calendar for at least 20 years – hope you can keep on keepin’ on!  Namaste.

M.R., Berkeley, California


“Our calendar hangs in the kitchen where we consult it every day.  Thanks for keeping it alive!”

J.F., Southampton, Bermuda


“Will donate some more when I can – the calendar is such a treasure!”

C.H., Scarborough, Maine


 “Who would have thought that a calendar could change your life?  Yet yours did, and has, and does.

How can I ever repay you? “

N.M, St. Petersburg, Florida


 “Looking forward to another year with you all.   No matter where I live in the world, I need this calendar.”

J.O., St. Kitts, West Indies


“I’m thrilled with your lunar calendars and couldn’t imagine a year without one.”

H.N.,  Long Island City, NY


 “As always, I look forward to your publication with enthusiasm. It’s GREAT. I am very glad you are publishing.”

R.P., Norfolk, Virginia


“Thank you once again for creating this wonderful calendar. We look forward to it each and every year!”

D.H., Charlotte, NC


 “Thank you for your great calendar – I trust you will continue to produce this excellent product – I forsee an individual with large financial resources coming forth with their support – as well as all of us who can afford a few extra dollars.  How about appealing to Barbra Streisand’s love of natural cycles or Diane Sawyer’s feminist leanings?  May seem crass, yet green energy keeps things going even better than strictly good will, love and blessings.”

M.J., Mokelumne Hill, California


“I am very alarmed and concerned for the hardship the calendar is going through.  Here is a small donation, hoping dearly that every bit will help.”

E.C., Brooklyn, NY


“This calendar has been so important to my life, work, and spiritual life for many years.  Keep it going!

We NEED it – and the good work of all of you.  Bless this most sacred work for our Divine Lady of a thousand names.”

J.S., Bristol, Indiana


 “Blessings for the work well done.  Enclosed is a small tithe, sweet solstice to you all!”

B.C., Montclair, NJ


“So very happy you made it through another year.  Wish you another miracle for the next year.  Wish I could send you millions of dollars, but haven’t made mine yet…still trying!  Blessings,

G.G., Lewes, UK


 “Thank you all for all your work and for surviving in this hostile world.”

J.G., Poughkeepsie, NY

“Thank you for many years of wonderful and meaningful calendars.  May we all have many more! And look up!

G.B., Batavia, Illinois


“Thank you so much for this beautiful calendar which  has been a wonderful part of my life for many years now.  Will you all come to my fantasy dinner party with Robert Graves and Ursula LeGuin?”

P.D., Guinda, California


“Let me know if and when you are in need.  I haven’t much but I believe in the cause!”

K.C., Vallejo, California


 “I am ecstatic that you are continuing!”

S.W., Amherst, NY


“Thanks again for a beautiful, essential calendar!”

S.S., Whitmore Lake, Michigan


“I am unable to give a donation at this time as the economy is bad and I can’t find full-time work.

I will make money someday and then share it with Luna Press,”

S.T., Burlington, Vermont


 “Your Lunar Calendar has helped me keep track of where I am, and where everyone else is! For many years now.  I enjoy it in so many ways and find it a centering, calming resource.  I hope this coming year brings peace and sanity to all of us, and that you are able to pursue your dreams in security and health.”



 “You all rock!  Please keep publishing!”

S.O., Bethesda, Maryland


“The ’04 calendar is magnificent!  Goddess bless you all for your hard work and, even more, for your devotion to her and her celebration.”

J.H. & C.K., Albuquerque, NM


“I am so glad I found you!”

A.M., Centreville, Virginia


“Time certainly does fly by, and I am very glad you are still with us!”

C.F., Minneapolis, MN


“My home is not complete without your most excellent Lunar Calendar hanging in the kitchen!”

L.F., Birmingham, Alabama


“I am so glad you are still around and I am proud to have contributed.  Mostly glad to have this special calendar which I cannot imagine not having!  Thank you.”

L.T., South Portland, Maine


“I have enjoyed the Lunar Calendar for nearly 10 years, keep up the wonderful nurturing effort!”

L.S., Pagosa Springs, Colorado


“The Lunar Calendar helps keep me on the path of truth and rhythm.  I am proud to own it, use it, give it.”

C.R.J.A., Boulder, Colorado


“May the little moon boat continue to float!”



“May Luna Press continue to exist AND GROW in the months ahead.”

E.D., Norwood, PA


“We tithe 10% of our gross income, as a gift to those in need, or to those organizations that serve their community.  We are honored to share a gift with you at this time and we know it blesses you as well as us.”

F.T., Morristown, NJ


“Goddess speed!”

T.T., Kamuela, Hawaii


 “Please ship soon!  I am in lunar withdrawal.”

L.R., Portland, OR


“Help!  Send ‘em quick – I need ‘em…”

A.D., Nassau, NY


 “I trust the 2005 will fly, and that folks will be supportive!”

S.B., Big Run, PA


“Please don’t leave us!”

J.J., San Francisco, CA


It was a real joy talking with you and to hear you are still producing the lunar calendar... I began to buy the lunar calendar in 1980, and I. still  have all the issues... As a poet,, they have inspired many poems... Thank you so much for your creative work and labor of love...

R.C., Cambridge, MA.


These are very hard times...however it is because we are in such bad shape that we need something to look up to!

M.N., Black Mountain, N.C.


Please don't close

A.A. Newtown Square, PA


I need you and the lunar calendar!

E.D., British Columbia, Canada


I can't imagine not having the beautiful lunar calendar!

W.D., Oxford, Georgia


I have been sending you blessings on magic wings...please accept with no second thought, peace, light , and love

D.B., Crofton, MD

May the creativity flow and the dollars reaffirm your purpose...please accept this check for the 2004 dedication...you give me a gift every day!

S.T., Mallorca, Spain


If you are still in trouble and could use more please call write or email. I will find more and do whatever it takes to keep you going...

J.S., Olnay, MD


The past two years of my life has been fraught with major upsets... And my survival really depended on the generosity of friends and neighbors...I hope this small contribution helps... Stay strong, we are with you.

W.S., Seal Cove, Maine


Lunacy forever!

F.R., Somerville, MA


I am a Druid and Massachusetts Justice of the Peace. This is the fee from a wedding performed @3:10 pm on 06/21/03 (Summer Solstice!)

K.M., South Deerfield, MA


More to follow!

J.G.,. Stoneham, Ma


Maybe you could gather a group of luminous ones who would support Luna Press annually. I would join!

F.B., Princeton, NJ


Since my mother just sent me a check for $25... I am sending it along to you. Please thank her by putting her on your mailing list.

T.M., Tucson, AZ


I wish I could send more. I love my lunar calendar and want to see it continue on.

M.S. Asheville, NC


Cosmic blessings, Nancy. Pay some bills and rest a little easier.

T.A., Palo Alto, CA


I wish I were the millionaire who would knock on your door with that magic check to change your life...

S.T., Newton, Iowa


This is more than a calendar... For me it has become both an integral tool and a sacred ritual- a consistent golden thread woven in my sometimes jumbled tapestry of life.

J.T., Medina, Ohio


After drumming up the sun and building a medicine wheel today, we collected $55 to help you with your plight. Please accept the heartfelt thanks from all of us for your excellent calendar. We use it for everything from planning our events to planting gardens and deciding when it's safe to go to the mall.

C.B., Madras, OR


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