The Artists and Poets of the Lunar Calendar

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Asphodel P. Long



Asphodel Long was a thealogian and poet. Her articles and poems have
inspired many, and led them to find a connection with the Goddess.
Her books may be obtained from Luna Press click here
 and a selection of her writings and poems may be 
 found on her own Web site. 

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A place for All who seek the ancient wisdom of the Goddess and the peace and strength of Nature. The Grove offers a glimpse into the sacred feminine with Goddess Altars, Goddess Groves, small sanctuaries and tranquility. Here abide the Goddesses, the Crone, Diana, Inanna, IsIs, Kore, Demeter, Kali, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Yemaya, Brigid, Venus, Kuan Yin, the dancing Minoan Snake Goddess, the Muses, the GreenMan and many more.

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Christine Thomas, Walking the Path of a Daughter of the Earth

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Holy Hormones, Honey! The Greatest Story Never Told

Herbal Medicine & Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way

Herbal medicine and spirit healing for women looking for alternative health information and natural remedies for menopause, osteoporosis, pregnancy, fertility issues, and breast health. Plenty of articles, resources, and links. Information on Susun Weed’s workshops, intensives, apprenticeships, and correspondence courses. Includes a forum, ezine and a virtual moonlodge.

Description: Women's Sacred Moonlodge. Celebrate moontime bleeding with ritual, song, and dance during our monthly moon lodge in Woodstock, NY at the Wise Woman Center. Learn about the sacredness of your period, blood rites, healing in menstruation, our sister the moon, luna yoga and more at Susun Weed's Spirit Healing Site.